The First Reaping. (Hunger Games One-Shot.)

The First Reaping. (Hunger Games One-Shot.)

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Katniss Everdeen; the girl on fire. The strong-willed, fierce sixteen year old that any Hunger Games fan knows and loves. But have you ever wondered what happened when she was young? The first, terrifying reaping? What her reaction was, and how she dealt with it? Add in a visit from a male best friend, and a certain baker's son, and you have a very interesting event...

Find out in here!

*Note--even if you haven't read the Hunger Games, this won't give anything away and should make relative sense.* :3

toxickisses_ toxickisses_ Apr 08, 2012
I think I just died and went to heaven.
                              I adore the hunger games though,aw x3
                              Team Peeta or Team Gale?
                              Amazing, so well writen, and its just like the real author of the hunger games writes it :')
                              Voted (obviously;)) xD
northless northless Mar 11, 2012
Hey! This is good, actually(: I've never actually read the hunger games triology before - I've been meaning to do that before the movie comes out. Anyway, I thought this was great, very descriptive and all, I had the image painted clear thanks to you. It was interseting too, good job. Voted
CrazyKindaGurl CrazyKindaGurl Mar 11, 2012
@LightsGoDown You've never heard of The Hunger Games? It's an amazing trilogy of books by Suzanne Collins. The film is coming out on March 23rd. You should definitely read them. :) Thanks :3
CrazyKindaGurl CrazyKindaGurl Mar 11, 2012
@SyannePotts You really should, the film is coming out soon. If you read the books, the whole Peeta bit would be explained pretty early on. xD You so should read them! Thanks
thatstheway thatstheway Mar 11, 2012
@CrazyKindaGurl oh okay I've read the books too :) I must have forgotten about that part. Well then kudos on replicating the style :D
CrazyKindaGurl CrazyKindaGurl Mar 11, 2012
@thatstheway Thank you. What you described is exactly what I thought when I read the actual books; we don't get a real connection with the characters. As I said, I wanted to replicate the writing style, so that's actually a compliment. xD