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Angel (The Saga, Book II)

Angel (The Saga, Book II)

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Fray By AWFrasier Completed

In this heart-stopping sequel to Watcher, more gods and more angels come clashing together, but one genius and one idiot are still trying not to get killed.


All Seth wanted was to graduate from college. All Saga wanted was to be left the hell alone. But neither got what they wanted and now they're both caught up in a war they accidentally started. The journey only gets more complicated when an ally turns out to be not as trustworthy as Seth and Saga thought. When truths are revealed, everything takes a turn for the absolute worse. Saga crashes and burns and Seth tries desperately to hold on to him. But maybe the darkness won't let go of Saga this time.  

Content and trigger warning: This story contains scenes of violence and sexual activity.

[[word count: 60,000-70,000 words]]