Sharks and Wolves

Sharks and Wolves

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Cassidy By Cassidymayjay Updated Apr 18, 2012

With the custody case of the century in her hands, young attorney Kayla Schaefer is infused into a world she wasn’t prepared for. Originally assuming it would be a just bitter custody battle between estranged exes and over the daughter the father never knew about until now, she didn’t comprehend the true nature of the matter, especially after she was just informed about the werewolf factor. All her Georgetown lessons aside, as well as family associations, Kayla must defend her best friend Emma from the ferocious pack after its only Alpha heir –Emma’s daughter. In doing so, she puts herself at danger far more than she could comprehend. Stalked and threatened endlessly, Emma and she fear for their lives and her daughter’s future. 
Even Kayla’s shark reputation couldn’t protect her from a pack of wolves.

Written in two views to represent for both sides of the story, lies and truth are often intermingled and it's for the reader to decided what to believe. There is Emma -a devoted, young loving mother of seven year old Caley, -whom Kayla has lived next door to for five years, but is her word really credible to protect her true identity from Kayla? Then there is Derek, an inspiring Alpha but also molding young man who still has to deal with changes and responsibility, spoken for by his undoubtedly faithful Beta Lucas Heppner. Will Derek lie to protect his own reputation and will Lucas believe him? Will the truth ever be revealed? 

Sharks smell blood but wolves go for the kill. Someone's going to be chewed out one way or another.

  • alpha
  • battle
  • betrayal
  • bitter
  • bloodlines
  • bond
  • child
  • complicated
  • custody
  • daughter
  • ex-mate
  • hate
  • justice
  • law
  • love
  • lycans
  • mate
  • mates
  • mortal
  • rejected
  • revenge
  • romance
  • twist
spc9798 spc9798 Jun 04, 2014
Heyy that's my name! Spelt the same too. I love the story keep it up!!!