The Warrior of a Madman.

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She's barely scratched the surface of the truth, so after watching the world burn around her, the mysterious Executive and his faction might just hold the key to the truth she needs. 
    Isabella knows she's a part of a bigger plan, one no one will tell her about, after having her loyalty torn between her Master's side and the mysterious enemy she must decide where she belongs. 
    Except the Executive doesn't take no for an answer, it's too little, too late, now, they're being hunted by him as they endure a path riddled with secrets, traitors, lies and spies. 
    But Isabella doesn't want to be this monster, this freak of nature, the miracle of science and the creation of a madman. 
    She just wants to be free.
    Her freedom isn't something that’ll come easily. 
    [Previously known as Born Human. Due to die wanted by the enemy.]
Wow! It's highly original! I really enjoy the descriptive interjections and the thought process of your character. Although this wattpad story may be old, I feel the great need to comment on the writing. It's beautiful!
Hello my fellow friend! I just LOVE your books. I hope you have loads of inspiration for your future books and consider me in your future work! From, your bestistists friend in ysgol. x
I will keep reading you and support you!  I like your work and enjoy reading it!!  :)
Wow!!! Crazy!!!! Really Really sad that Lazarous died!!! Awesome job on the story i couldnt didnt get off the computer until i waz finished reading!!! Cant wait till ur next upload!!!! Love the story, ur an AMAZING writer!!!!
Hi Emily!!  Just finished reading chapter 1 and it's great!   Love it!!  You are doing a great job!  I will wait for what will come next!  :)
hey it can't be anything worse than what she's already gone through