Rewriting us (Not Yours To Keep Book 2)

Rewriting us (Not Yours To Keep Book 2)

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*If you have not already read book 1 then you might want to go and do that.*
  ''hey lady are you going to take our order or what''
  I suck in a breath putting on my best fake smile ''one second'' I say walking over to the table of kids.
 There were three young looking guys sitting at the table, definitely high school jocks. the lettermen jackets gave it away but their arrogance was the biggest dead give away.
 ''hello ladies how are you today'' I smile fully aware I just referred to them as 'ladies'  ''can I take your order'' I asked pulling out a notepad.
 '' it's about time'' one of them says ignoring my insult. The other two just laughed one of them looking at me like a creepy little kid that can't get a girl.
 ''would you like a kids menu?'' I ask them smiling being completely serious. 
 The one guy began to get a bit angry, as the other guys shared looks of confusion. 
 ''Is this some kind of joke'' the guy asks standing up ''just get us our damn menus'' he snarls at me.

Manners zero, ok I can work with this.
 ''No problem mam'' I smiled turning around dropping my smile as soon as I was out of their sight, rolling my eyes. I walk to the counter grabbing the menu's handing them to the three idiots.
  well, at least they came to the right spot after all this is the spawn of idiots cafe. 
 ''I will have a coffee'' one of the guys say. 
Did he really need the menu to order a coffee?
''aren't you a little too young to be drinking that?'' I tell the guy who has been rude since he got here.

Vanessa Kaster's the one and only. Struggling to find the balance in her life again she learns how to deal with heartbreak. Finding hope through friends and old acquaintances Vanessa finds a way to understand and rewrites her story. However, she will soon find forgetting is harder than she would like to admit. However, rewriting the story might just be easier.