Mafia's Baby

Mafia's Baby

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taylorlindermann By taylorlindermann Updated Nov 24, 2017

Slowly waking up I felt an arm wrapped around my waist. I look up to see a Greek God asleep.

I reached to the table that was beside the bed and got my purse. I pulled my phone out to see i had 27 missed calls. 14 from Nona and  13 missed calls from Avery. Then I see that its 9:45am. I have to be at work at 10:10. D**nmit. I slowly slide my way out of his hold. Then putting two pillows in my place. How could he not notice? 

I looked around for my panties. Then I remember that he put them in his jacket pocket. And I can't find his jacket. So i grabbed his white button up shirt. And slipped it on. Then i grabbed my costume.

Tip toeing to the bedroom door I hear him. Grunt. So I speed out slowly closing the door behind me. I make my way quietly downstairs. To see both Avery and Nona asleep on the floor of the livingroom. I make my way over and woke up Nona. 

"What?" she groans.

"Time to go." I whisphered. She nods her head and began to stand up. Pulling a woke Avery with her. 

"Where is she?!" I heard a roar coming from upstairs. Then I heard a door swing open. I pulled Nona with me. as we ran outside to my car. When they were in. I pulled off. Leaving the best mistake that ever happened to me.

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