Boxing my way into your heart

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Nancy (: By XxxRosePetalsXxx Updated 2 years ago
Adam Leganar always had everything hes wanted; girls, money, buddies to hang out with. everything! So hes now starting some boxing lessons to relief some stress from work. But something goes wrong his teacher is the smoking Jacqueline Garcia she is everything that Adam finds attractive in a woman; she has strong attitude, strong willed, she says what's on her mind, and wont let anybody tame her. Hes up to the challenge, but after he's never really had to chase after anything this hard. Can he really tame a beauty like her into submission to her heart? Or will she just too much to handle? And her, what does she think about all of this? 
It was really interesting && I liked that it started with his POV. He is a little mean though, but I like it!
@XxxRosePetalsXxx The dialogue and paragraphing are really difficult to follow. It would be a good suggestion to space out your paragraphs (:
This was cute :3 Although, when the dialogue started, I got a bit confused >.> But other than that, it is cute! It's unusual to read about a girl wanting to box, but I really do want to see what happens and how you've totally got it in on lock. I like how she's really interested in this (:
Paha it was wrong for him to have sex with a drunk girl anyway,.. Maybe you should put um the guys P.o.v because from the cover I thought the main character would be a female but then I got confused.. and I was like a girl can be like any other guy lol. But anywayyy this was good nice job!(: