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Detective Inspector Mitch Taylor is investigating a series of murders along with CSI agent Angel Morgan in Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia. Mitch tries to balance his family life, struggling to help his wife to deal with the recent loss of their baby at childbirth, while trying to solve the murders. The Police face increased pressure as the facts start to implicate some of their own. A homeless man may hold the answers, but Mitch will have to gain his trust. Crime is on the streets. Corruption and betrayal have built the walls. Trust is a myth. The circle of crime will reveal the truth.
Thank you. I'm really like what I've read so far .it's the very first book that I down loaded on Watt pad. Can't wait to get to the  finish
I'd love to read more of your story when you finish it. Is there a list I can be put on to know when you've added more chapters?? Thanks for a great read!
I really enjoyed your use of language and setting to set the scene right from the first paragraph.
Brilliant start! I loved the suspense and mystery that clouded the setting along with the revelation at the end that the hidden person was indeed the policeman's son. I had a sneaky suspicion that the person was close to him but I was thinking more along the lines of a partner or something :)
@Funkyboy Yours down 20 more to go!  lol  Have a good one...You are gonna be busy keep two writes up!  lol :~)
A gritty and seedy setting for this crime've drawn the scene well.  Nicely done!