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TJL#14# She Is The One

TJL#14# She Is The One

352K Reads 25.2K Votes 116 Part Story
Arshia Saif Kayanat By HiddenInTheEpic Completed

Diya Goenka is 21, a normal fun loving, polite but very stubborn Indian girl. She is eldest of three siblings. She is a student of architecture and recently completed her degree, she has come to UK for her further studies and to doing the job declared by the Axton's like every year the do as an apprentice. Diya is not an easy girl to get but there is a lot of eyes on her, obviously because she is definition of beauty. She doesn't care about anything but her family and self respect. She is talented enough in her works that always makes her special in her workplace. She is very nice, kind and lovely girl, but whoever is thinking she is weak inside, no. She is strongest person and very hard to get.

Noel Axton is 25, a very hard and short temper guy, like his dad. Noel is very arrogant and rude person to the world, but he is sometimes quite easy and funny guy for his family. But for others he is hard as rock. Very serious about his work and doesn't allow anyone who make any mistakes. He always gets what he wants. Very obstinate person. He is famous for his anger and short temper. But when he meets Diya, he found himself helpless as he failed to get angry with her, he feels that he can't hurt her anyhow, this thinking even makes his heart bleed.

  • anger
  • arrogance
  • billionaire
  • humor
  • india
  • love
  • romance