The Warrior (Wolf Series #3)

The Warrior (Wolf Series #3)

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"How can I be your warrior if you don't let me in?" I watched as the muscles of his body flex at each word as if his body was about to erupt in rage and worry "I'm the warrior, your warrior, let me be that for you my love because that is all I know to be"

Violet Harris has had a hard time trusting people but she always knew her mate would be the one she can truly rely on but she is a female with a background that keeps her mate on his toes to protect her.

Book #3

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bbygshav_21 bbygshav_21 May 11, 2017
Ikr..  imagine having those from 8 kids..  Gosh nephew cousins..  Every God damn body asking why.. It can be annoying at times But that's how they learn though
mckaynikki mckaynikki Jan 06
no but seriously how do you get a boyfriend I've been wondering
broooo43 broooo43 Dec 10, 2017
You have to be confident and own it, finding the right guys isn't actually going out and finding him.  It's about going out and enjoying your life any how you want to,  and you will find the one for you along the way don't over think it. #embraceyourcurves