My...Stepbrother? Prompts

My...Stepbrother? Prompts

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Jen By promptingskenekidz Updated Apr 08, 2015

Prompt: Could you do one with Trace and Kory? I was thinking that in a game Kory breaks his arm or leg and Trace stays in the hospital with him.

Requested by daretodare :)


                "This is such a hard team to face," Zeke groaned, falling on the ground.

                "Zeke, get up," Coach said, poking Zeke in the side with his foot.

                Tommy knelt down, forcing his boyfriend to stand up. He handed Zeke a water bottle, which Zeke gratefully took.

                "Alright, we can win this. Tommy, you better drink water too. I cannot have you passing out on me now," Coach said.

                All of us were covered in sweat. It was fairly hot outside today, and we were playing a hard team. They were fast and skilled. Even Trace, who was one of the most talented soccer goalies I had ever seen in my life, was struggling to keep up.


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RottenPotatoe RottenPotatoe Jul 09, 2016
When I was in the hospital, I was honestly warm and everyone who came to visit said it was cold, even my mom who stayed with me
kitty-san12 kitty-san12 Feb 28, 2016
oh my lord this story is awesome so far and i'm blushing so hehe
RobbieP1 RobbieP1 Jun 16, 2016
You three shall now be addressed as Naru, Levi, and Mitchel jr.
brooklynkirton brooklynkirton Jun 04, 2015
True story I mean that's why I broke my leg. My neck. My back. My arm. Ok maybe they say it as a statement not for real
richardisout richardisout Sep 16, 2014
daretodare daretodare Apr 10, 2014
I can just imagine him with his hands on his face, squishing it. Kinda like in anime.