RTK: Guns and Stilettos

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thesmerf By thesmerf Updated 3 years ago
Valentina Summers is an assassin raised by assassins. But when her little brother wants to find the truth, she finds out that she may not be who she grew up to become. She confronts difficult romances and life-changing choices.  Join Summers through action-packed assassinations and a series of spilling secrets. She's the girl who was Raised to Kill.
voted... this would make an interest blurb for the back o the book coz it's a great suck in. :)
Hmmmmmm Interesting plot it is :)) An assassin? and a girl? Wow!! You must be kidding me hahaha btw i kinda love yer cover!
I really like your cast!
                                    And this is a good start, it got me curious! 
                                    Seriously amazing cast...
Really good story! Really hooked on to it! I am going to keep reading! xx
Great start to the prologue. I love the idea of an assasain, haven't read much of these stories but I can tell already it has lots of potential. You're very good at grammar and stuff but I'd like to see more description
                                    Overall I like it,
                                    Good job! :D
interesting... i dooo love the cast and i really think the name is catchy i will defo be having a read of chapter 1 as i read your prologue you did good with the mini cliff hanger about the next assignment so keep it up !!