Don't Call Me Cinderella

Don't Call Me Cinderella

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"Don't." Ella whispered as she stepped towards the man before her. 

"Don't what? I'm not the one that lied. I'm not the one who snuck around stealing people's hearts without their knowledge! I didn't break anyone's heart unknowingly!"

She trembled from the strength of his voice, shrinking back to where she stood originally. "But your breaking mine." Her voice cracked as tears streamed down her face, fear coursing through her veins.

He stopped for a moment, assessing the situation. "Do you truly fear me?" His voice was softer now, a stark contrast from earlier. 

He took a step towards her, making her shrink back further. Ella watched helplessly as he reached out a hand and stroked her tear stained cheek. "You should know by now, my dear Cinderella, that if I wanted to hurt you I would have done so already."

Ella had a tough life after her father died. Her step-family, though cruel, sheltered her from a life of servitude under a man's jurisdiction.

Now it's different. They're in debt, a debt beyond repair. It won't be easy to fix, but Ella's a strong girl. In her mind she can handle anything a man throws her way.

Now working under the Lord of the region, Ella must quickly learn how to protect herself and others during her long and twisted stay.