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heres my new story..


Tongue Tied (A Game Called Love)

all rights reserved March 2012

herespatma (c)



Love is a crucial and tremendous emotion..

it's fun and exiting at the same time

it's a game..

and the rule?


The FIRST ONE who FALLS is consider as the LOOSER..


I'm Trace Allison Brown Ford

my mom is half american and filipino and so my dad

so therefore..

i'm 1/2 american and 1/2 filipino..

i'm the son of the richest business man and woman in ASIA..

we're billionaire..

what 'ya say?


i'm hinding?

why? i don't know either..

my parents told me that i should keep my REAL identity a SECRET ..only FEW people knew about me..

Travis Allison Fernandez Mendoza

my mom's maiden name is Fernandez while my dad's was Mendoza..

that name is what i'm using..

i pretend as i'm just a typical college student..

i can do what i want when i'm Travis, 

I ca...

  • -camille
  • -travis
  • kathniel
  • trace
Ghieghie11 Ghieghie11 Apr 01, 2013
ilove it!!!! exciting!!!!
                              prologue plang maganda na!!! whew!!
Scribeee Scribeee Apr 04, 2012
woooooaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!! ganda !!!
                              I'm new reader ng story na to..
incorrectbunny incorrectbunny Mar 10, 2012
Ang kyuuuut ng Prologue and Chapter 1. *u* May bago nanaman akong' aabangan. :))))))))