Face Down (Ticci-Toby x Reader)

Face Down (Ticci-Toby x Reader)

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xᴇɴᴀ (ᴀᴅᴍɪɴ) By Discorded_Melody Completed

Your name is (y/n) (l/n), you have little time to write in this journal what has happened in little of a month. For now, you go by (CP/N), and very few know of your real name. In the start you were abused constantly, and shown little sympathy. Now you write down what has gone down in the house of the crazies, not that you mind how the insanity of this place is at an all new high.

The greatest thing you can mention through the struggle of everything, which includes making friends, getting kidnapped, beaten, and struggling through a nonexistent love life. The biggest question is; Will you survive until the end?

Well... Read on...

Me: *flips of him and Ticci Tobs* "I got Mr.Fedora,Mr.Tie,Mr.Polka dot,and Mr.Sweater"
                              (Kill me XD ;-; )
Oh Hell No!! If my boyfriend was like that I would be the crap out of him!! (If I haven't already murdered him)
Give me a sign 
                              I want to believe
                              And let the sun rain down on me
Of course everyone makes me do the hard work and they always hit me it's just a sign that they love me
So many song references and this is only the first chapter! 😂