His Brother's keeper

His Brother's keeper

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Evie By Phoenix0fire Updated Oct 29, 2019

For all those Supernatural/Teen Wolf fans.

Stiles is a Werewolf 

  The pain was unbearable.

  Stiles could feel the snap of bones breaking and shifting under his skin. He had the sudden urge to howl but it was lost in his throat as a scream of bloody murder made it's way out of his mouth instead.

  His head was pounding, it felt as if someone had took a sledgehammer to it. Blood ran down his body making a puddle underneath him. Long black nails took the place of his chewed off ones. 

  But the thing he noticed the most was the sudden rage. Taking his nails he started to claw on his own skin and started to growl. 



Stiles Winchester, brother to Sam and Dean Winchester, son to John and Mary Winchester. 

What happens when Stiles gets bit by a werewolf? Will John kill him? Bobby? And what's with all this guilt Dean's feeling?

  Find out in His Brother's Keeper


There is language and graphic scenes