All The Queen's Horses {Myrnin, Morganville Vampires}

All The Queen's Horses {Myrnin, Morganville Vampires}

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I trembled when we entered the room. I had heard there was nothing quite like make-up sex and even experienced it once or twice with Shane. But this...this with Myrnin was so much more...

I was struck silent as I watched him remove his jacket and undo the cufflinks on his now unbuttoned shirt. He slipped it off to reveal his sinewy muscles that ebbed and flowed across his chest to match his mood - or my touch. My fingers ached to trace their outlines, but I didn't dare move. There was no doubt in my mind that he was in control tonight. 

He walked around to my back and I felt him slowly release the zipper on my dress. It fell to the floor and I was naked before him, except for my black and white stiletto heels. He returned to my front and looked at me slowly, his eyes lingering in appreciation along the curves of my body. I quivered, every nerve ending felt like a live wire, ready to explode at his faintest touch. 

He sat at the edge of the bed and released himself from his pants. He stroked his hard shaft and ordered roughly, "Come here."

I trembled as I walked to him and stood between his legs. 


I do not own the characters in Morganville Vampires, just the story line for this little adventure. :) :)