Marine World

Marine World

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A featured story|Wattys 2018 Winner|

Seventeen-year-old Aura and the three other genetically modified humans in captivity have been planning an escape from Marine World for months, but when one of them going off the rails leaves the rest under scrutiny, Aura's plan to escape becomes nothing more than a dream. 

That is until a new security guard is sent to keep an eye on the mermaids and the secrets of Florida's most beloved theme park begin to float to the surface, changing the world as Aura knows it forever.  

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*Highest ranking: #1 in Science Fiction

Science fiction|Romance|Action

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I have so many books in my getting to it list, but I saw this one and decided that those can wait
This reminds me so much of Blackfish.
                              The story is amazing!
flowazh flowazh Oct 27
Green is a great colour, you're a mermaid- something others can only dream about, you can do all sorts of amazing stunts and you put yourself through torture everyday and still stay strong! Don't put yourself down, you're super unique!
Jazmin3997 Jazmin3997 Nov 11
Y'all this makinge sad..  Like is this how dolphins feel?! 😂
b_l_e_x_x_e_d_ b_l_e_x_x_e_d_ 2 days ago
crystal has snapped and it’s simultaneously wonderful and horrifying
wingedalpha wingedalpha a day ago
Oh hey lol my character's name is Crystal too! What a coincidence! (Not accusing you of anything, just remarking on the fact)