James ♥ Nadine

James ♥ Nadine

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BeautyJunkie By BeautyJunkie Updated Apr 27, 2017

James and Nadine are young kids in love. 

But sometimes you realize that there's more to relationships than love, especially when life all of a sudden forces you to do a lot of growing up. 

James ♥ Nadine. 

A Jadine AU oneshot inspired by the short plot I read of Jun Lana's Palanca award winning play, June at Johnny.

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NinnaErikaDelfinado NinnaErikaDelfinado Jun 28, 2017
Is he sure about that? He's already having trouble making money for his first one and he's thinking of A DOZEN? Jusko James!
ivyctus ivyctus Apr 29, 2017
bakit ba hndi naging ganito ang timy? 😞 LOL!! praying na ganito plot ng next movie nila. 😊
imaginedfluff imaginedfluff Apr 27, 2017
ansaket ng ulo ko sa knila! pero they sound so real haha! 😂 affected ako sa generic lotion kaloka 😂
thewildkidinside thewildkidinside Apr 29, 2017
This would really be a great movie for James and Nadine HOLD ME
jvstfriends jvstfriends Oct 25, 2017
So i was reading this again and I’m so sick with the flu, & been so fragile since this morning & I’m bawling my eyes out again over this, & i still want the best life for JaDine together forever & ever & ever god i need to stop 😭
solangaraw solangaraw Apr 27, 2017
Ang galing! Ganito talaga. What you fight about when you live together are the little things. I could see this on screen. Pero bitin! Is this a one-shot? Baka puede mag-request ng kahit 2 chapters pa?