Mafia's Abused Queen

Mafia's Abused Queen

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When Frost Coen, abused girl who ran away from home to Italy with her baby sister, Snow Coen, bumps into the Mafia Don's son, Stefanos Zackhaeus, in the airport. What will happen to Frost, a girl who ran away from violence only to be thrown back in, will Stefanos convince her to stay? Or will her hate for violence cause her to hate him?
I look up to say my apologies, but was suddenly struck with awe as I looked at the stranger, his beautiful muddy green eyes caught me off guard. I look at the rest of his face, he nose that looked like it's had been broken more then 10 times, sided with his high cheek which had a a natural highlight on his face. His dimpled chin, which had little stubble on it, but the stubble made his jawline a whole lot more noticeable, and his Adams Apple rather a little unseen, his perfect lips suited his tanned body, his black hair had a faded hair cut, but gelled. His suit, black and white, like a business man, partly hung onto his body. This man was beautiful. 

But his aura, I could sense danger. I was awoken from staring at the beautiful stranger when Snow let out a little giggle. 

"Sorry sir for bumping into you, please excuse me sir." 

"Do you need any help? It must be hard to push a pram and pull this heavy suitcase at the same time. " OH Jensen Ackles, his voice had about several accents, I could only tell of 4, the strongest being Australian, English, American and Italian. 
 "My name is Zachhaeus Taglaivini , but you can call me Zach."

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