7 Pleasures In Wonderland (Completed)✅(Currently Editing)

7 Pleasures In Wonderland (Completed)✅(Currently Editing)

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When Mona Harris became the CFO of Durand Textiles and Shipping in New Orleans, she thought she had hit the jackpot. She had just broken up with her loser boyfriend of three years and she was ready to the leave the past and start over anew. So when Mona turned thirty, her bestfriend Alexis gave her a birthday present that would changed her life forever. She was giving a gift certificate to Wonderland. 

Wonderland was a secluded island in the Bahamas that for one week you were granted seven sexual pleasures. Unbeknownst to Mona was that a sexy gentlemen only known to her as Blaze would be her guide for the week. In those seven days Mona will realize things about herself and open up burning pleasures that she has never known before. 

Follow Mona on her extraordinary sexual pleasures in the truth of what every woman wants and what every woman craves. Involves sexual graphic nature that is not appropriate for children. There are private chapters so you must be a fan in order to view them.

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Ya'll know when you reach a different cash bracket..... shot change..... not when you get rich.... but when you get WEALTHY..... SMH.... LOL
imcray imcray Jul 30
How can she be the main character if nobody likes her now? I mean why...?
What's wrong with being a republican guys?  I am a republican, just because I  believe in the republican platform doesn't mean I support  that fool donald trump just because of the simple fact he is one.
KaryBraxton KaryBraxton Aug 03, 2016
I hope she doesn't like doing the nasty with children. 😖 That'd be one hell of a plot twist..
caligyrl22 caligyrl22 Jun 05, 2015
I want to go and have a carefree experience like Mona LOL. I think she just po opened Pandora's box......have fun chile
MaVaSeijas MaVaSeijas May 21, 2015
dang this girl is about to go insane with all those days in wonderland