Gucci Boy | BTS Kim Taehyung

Gucci Boy | BTS Kim Taehyung

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Clover saw BTS (๑╹ω╹๑ ) By Clover Updated Jul 11, 2018

[ ❤️Written by an international writing contest winner ✌️]

What happens when the nation's top model, Vante, is destined to launch his mass anticipated acting career, but the guy can't act even if his life depended on it?

Unwillingly following his agency's orders to start an acting career to further strengthen his popularity among the masses, Kim Taehyung, stage named Vante, proceeds with extra caution. He was brilliant at posing, making the best out of camera angles, and presenting fashion in his unique way, but the bane of his existence was pretending and immersing into someone he clearly wasn't - the essentials to becoming a good actor.

What happens when a girl with a delusional condition called the eighth-grade syndrome, has the potential to become the best actor in the industry, but she has only ever wanted to become the nation's top cosplay model?

Suffering from a condition commonly referred to as the eighth-grade syndrome, Lacey has always believed that she was a magical anime character. Her delusions with unrealistic situations ultimately sparker her potential to become an actress during her youth, but she has only wanted to pursue a career in mainstream cosplay modeling. However, the modeling agency requires any candidates to be a certain height, something that became the bane of Lacey's existence as she was five centimeters off.

What happens when the nation's prince meets the quirky anime princess, and the two realize that they need each other to pursue their own impossible, yet seemingly achievable goals?

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liyanaoweis liyanaoweis Oct 29, 2016
Take your time , you are a great writer & human I'm sure 💕
xrose_30 xrose_30 Aug 03, 2016
This was the best authors note I've ever read ⭐️🌟⭐️
TessaMxdori95 TessaMxdori95 Oct 29, 2016
I totally understand!! It got a LITTLE easier as the time passed, but even a few years later I still get sad when I think about it :/
ChickenMaki ChickenMaki Nov 06, 2016
So I read this (I've literally not read the entire book, I saw nanowrimo, got curious, clicked on this and my app just went to the latest chapter which is this) and what you said here really struck me. I don't know who you are but I hope things will look up for you soon!
DaeguTownMinSuga DaeguTownMinSuga Aug 16, 2018
proletariats proletariats Aug 17, 2018
Of course...I saw Gucci Boy and I pressed read. 😂😂😂