The Runaways Project | NaNoWriMo Winner

The Runaways Project | NaNoWriMo Winner

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c l o v e r By Clover Updated Nov 01, 2017

[ ❤️ Highest Ranking: #39 ChickLit ❤️  | Currently submitted to a writing contest ✌️]

Sienna was broke as fuck.

Struggling to pay off her debts, every waking moment became an uphill battle between school and work. Until one fated opportunity out of pure chance was given to her by the school Dean, who favored Sienna's intelligence and work ethics as the sole scholarship student of the year at Valentino University. Sienna was offered to accompany and help bratty and snobby rich elites, whom also went to the same institution as herself, in exchange for a large sum of money paid by the hour.

Thinking it would be a much easier task compared to her existing part-time jobs, Sienna accepted with confidence. It was an opportunity to clear all her debt, throw away the past, and receive more riches to live a comfortable life.

Unexpectedly, she is unwillingly involved into the dramatic lifestyle of the elite and powerful and chosen as a candidate for The Runaways Project - a transformation program to turn commoners with troubled pasts into the elites' "playthings". If there were one thing that all rich people enjoyed playing with, it was vulnerable and desperately poor people, especially ones with troubled pasts.

But we all know that Sienna really needed the money and that in all honesty, she really has nothing to lose.


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abo4280 abo4280 Jun 09, 2017
I just got really excited that it finally got another update
AngeliqueToledo AngeliqueToledo Feb 16, 2016
I'm SO excited to start reading this story :) You have a really amazing plot line and it's something I can relate to! (The broke af part) that is hahahaha
xrose_30 xrose_30 Aug 03, 2016
This was the best authors note I've ever read ⭐️🌟⭐️
nkorenica nkorenica Mar 09, 2016
I'm so excited to read this story because it said The Selection SQUEEEEEE