Alpha Faye

Alpha Faye

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Evoke; By Midika Updated Aug 24, 2018

*BOOK EIGHT* (Can be read as standalone)

*Mature Content Involved*

"Caught between two lovers, but which one is real?"

Alpha Faye is the only female Alpha to exist, and with that, comes problems. 

Problems such as secret assassins referred to as Silents that want her dead. 

To defend her, a Huntsman is hired, however, he can't protect her from a rogue Silent that breaks into her room one night to kill her. 

When he is caught, she finds herself lured in by the unnamed man, who is on trial for her attempted murder. Even if it means disrupting her relationship with the Huntsman. 

However, when things begin to change as the masks come off some of Faye's closest allies, she begins to doubt who she can trust. 

Who has the biggest secret. The Silent, or the Huntsman? 


•Book eight in the Alpha Series•