Truth or dare

Truth or dare

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Chescaaj By Chescaaj Updated Apr 18, 2012

Ashele wants something different in her life, that's why she had the idea to play truth or dare with Tara and Jake. But what happends when her friends dare her to seduce or to make things with Liam, the guy she kissed at the party. What happends when Ashele breaks up with Jerry for some stupid dare? What happends when Ashele try to mess up things between Tara and De'Andrey, Liam's bestfriend? Will Ashele be strong enough to face all those things? What happends when Raya, Ashele's sister comes back? Is she going to make Ashele's life a living hell or no? But the most important, what happends when Ashele thinks that she's falling for Liam? Are they made to be together? Lies, tears, break ups and love will be in order. 

But remember something, friendship comes first. You would be surprise how it's hard for Ashele, Tara and Jake to stick to it. Is their friendship worth it?

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