Coffee And Papers

Coffee And Papers

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Mercy kalu By Mercy198 Updated Nov 08

She stood frozen as soon as she walked into the office. His head bent and his gaze fixated on the papers in his hands.

"Do you need a parade to walk you down here?" He suddenly spoke up neither lifting up his face nor his eyes. Quickly, she hurried down to where his table was and stood. 

"Sit." He ordered her and instantly she did still on with the same smile she had since she came in.

"Name." he ordered once again.

"Emerson." She answered faintly out of nervousness.

"Name." He repeated. 

"Emerson...oh I-I mean Emerson Joy Kachi Smith but you can call me Ema, everyone does. I could go on sir but i'm sure you don't need all that." She watched him exhale tiredly as he shut his eyes for a split second before raising them up to her.

"When I ask a question, I need a simple answer...what I don't need is a chipmunk." He warned her and all that went on in her mind was 'Did he just call me a chipmunk?'

Working is easy. Working for a boss impossible to please, now that is not easy.

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Wow this is so hooking! I didn't expect to like this, but it is such a cute plot and so well written!
I hate people like the red headed devil I should not say that I'm a red head to but bitch
ensurel ensurel Jul 03
Yay! She doesn't have boring straight blonde hair or anything!
I'm here waiting till she finishes this book so I can start reading but she is taking too damn long!🙈😒😭
Wow..nice story i happy if theres more update until finish...hehe
This story should have about hundred million comments cause its a great story even though its a start