A Vampire Debt.

A Vampire Debt.

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MarisaLedesmaReed By RisaMoonlight Updated Mar 29, 2016

Dorinda was saved by mysterious Lucas-now she's in debt. Little did she know, it was her life he wanted. Lucas knows there's something different about little human plain Dorinda-he can't read her mind. He snatches her up before any vampire could and maker her his slave.

Dorinda learns her kidnapper is not only a vampire, but a prince. She thought stuff like that only happens in books, but there she was in another world filled with vampire and pixies. She realizes everything she knew about her life was completely wrong. 

With Lucas's giving her test and keeping her busy working, Dorinda barley has time to escape.

Mr_Moseboob Mr_Moseboob Jun 18, 2016
I'm not a people person so I hate party's I can't be the only one
Vampirefangirl1234 Vampirefangirl1234 Jul 31, 2016
Is this the second book or just a rewrite im
                              A tiny but confused
RedAngel1987 RedAngel1987 Feb 13, 2016
I like how u make him more full of mysteries its awesome love it already
camille1985 camille1985 May 06, 2016
I was thinking 'this book is stolen and being copied' until I realised it was your book anyway and rewriting it lol.
                              Will be reading this version next then.
                              When I first came onto Wattpad yours was one of my first proper reads that made me stay addicted to this site so thank you for that xx
MysticMorgan MysticMorgan Nov 24, 2016
Yessss this is one of my favourite series! I read the whole thing before and cried but for some reason lost all 3 books!? Wtf! So glad to have found it again!
Patsyloves2read Patsyloves2read Dec 30, 2015
This was my first favorite books on Wattpad! I love this book and I am really excited for the remake! Are you going to overhaul the whole book, plot etc....