Relying On Ben and Jerry (Waltham #1)

Relying On Ben and Jerry (Waltham #1)

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Riley Tegan By RileyTegan Completed

Aubrey dared her-and Lena never turned down a dare.

When Lena moved away, two best friends hatched a plan. They bet that Lena wouldn't be able to get a boy at her new school acting as extravagantly as she possibly could; doing pranks, wearing tutus, singing on tabletops. Anything goes. She can't let them see the real her. To them, it seems like a fair bet.

Until Lena meets Quinton, and suddenly the dare takes on a whole new light-how to be accepted in a place that will never accept you; how to be loved in a place that never would have loved you. When Lena meets Quinton, anything goes, and everything stays.

  • adorable
  • comedy
  • drama
  • relyingon
  • romance
  • sad
  • teenagers
  • trouble
  • unexpected
  • waltham
RileyTegan RileyTegan Oct 01, 2015
@twilightrails Oh my god, that is so sweet! I am legit honored that you would say that! Thank you! (I'm also a little impressed, because even I don't like this book more than Harry Potter haha ;D)
cozyshiba cozyshiba Sep 30, 2015
I'm rereading this book and honestly it's my favorite book. I'm sorry Harry Potter, you've been bumped to second.
macaronironi macaronironi Dec 08, 2014
Love_Like_Oxygen Love_Like_Oxygen Jul 22, 2014
Damn, this girl has more balls than I have. I can hardly say yes when being dared to shout out a stupid word at my friends house...xD
RileyTegan RileyTegan Jul 03, 2013
@faceinboots It needed a bit of a face lift *shrugs* I wrote this about two years ago, so it was starting to get old haha :P But I am so glad to hear that you love it! :D
siiiir siiiir Jul 03, 2013
oOff I love this book. Even though I liked the last title better, but whatever.