The Phantom King(Zayn Malik) **SOON TO BE TAKEN DOWN**

The Phantom King(Zayn Malik) **SOON TO BE TAKEN DOWN**

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In a day and age where kings rule the land with an iron fist, it doesn't seem possible for anyone to be free. But that's exactly what Kory Black wants.      

A 17 year old girl who craves a little too much freedom is about to find herself in big trouble.       While the Kings rule from the shadows, Kory doesn't think that they are actually doing anything, just having other people doing their dirty work. But that just changed.      

When Kory makes a statement in front of a government official, she finds herself being followed everywhere she goes. But little does Kory know that the person who is following her is the one person she should be fearing most.      

The Phantom King.

  • battles
  • funny
  • kidnapped
  • magic
  • war
  • zayn
Nothing at all huh?? Well how about life?! Gurl I know you all " we want FREEDOM" and "we won't rest until we get or rights" type of person but believe me when I say that such situations lead to problems.... believe me I know....