Broken Skies (One Direction FanFiction)

Broken Skies (One Direction FanFiction)

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Cazna Burton By CaznaBurton Completed

15-year-old Skyler 'Sky' Thompson wishes for a happily ever after. Her abusive father has taken control after murdering her mother when she was a child and is constantly beating her. Her best friend, Victoria 'Tori' Winchester is the only one who truly understands as she was adopted after her father committed a murder/suicide.

But one day shall change their lives.

After a severe beating from her alcoholic father, Skyler finally gathers the courage to runaway with Victoria eager to help her. Along the way, they are One Direction themselves, who takes the girls under their wings when they have nowhere else to go. Skyler and Victoria experience life on the road, being surrounded by crazy fans, death threats and...maybe a bit of love as Harry falls HARD for Skyler.

Will Skyler get the happily ever after she's always wanted? Or will her father take her life away again? there a romance between Victoria and Louis?

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SkylerHowell SkylerHowell Jul 03, 2017
my name is Skyler and almost everyone calls me sky blue cause of the colors of my eyes and my actual birthday is January 23 i freaked out when i saw it
flyhighwithsky flyhighwithsky Mar 22, 2013
Hi ladies! So I don't know if y'all are gonna believe me or not... But my name is actually Sky Blue :) my natural hair color is golden brown, my eyes aren't greenish, their brown. I am 5'5, and live with my dad :) oh and I'm 15 :)
michaelcliffrickme michaelcliffrickme Feb 22, 2013
You guys are hilarious!! lolol Emily, Bowties Are Cool. ;) I don't know how to fan but if I did I would!! :)
pizzajamie pizzajamie Nov 25, 2012
lol dont take this offensively plz cuz i never mean it like that but i agree... u sorta did give away the story...
CaznaBurton CaznaBurton Jul 08, 2012
@Dollychick99 You share the same birthday as my cousin! HEY! That means you're three days older than me!
Dollychick99 Dollychick99 Jul 08, 2012
I live te fact that she is the same age as me and born 3 days after me I was born 20/01/1997 I live your story so far :)