Miss.Rebel (COMPLETED)

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Victoria is the one girl you shouldn't mess with. She is the girl that can make you run the other way by just one glance. But Victoria isnt as bad as everyone thinks she is, she is just at the wrong place at the wrong time. She lives with her single mother on top of their small diner. Her life is full of drama because the school's head cheerleader has it out for her but what happens when the cheerleader's boyfriend has his eyes out for her. Victoria knows that Jared will be nothing but trouble but she has past experiences to know Trouble Is Her Friend.  Read to find out exactly how she balances her secret job, the small diner, the school's head cheerleader, the boy who is growing on her, her best friend's change of attitude and finding out her mother's past.  Hope you enjoy
i didnt read it yet!! but you put JENSEN F*UCKING ACKLES as drew i love you already are you a supernatural fan! omg cher!! <3 okay im gonna read now!
I tried calling the # just for fun it was some chineese lady and she was mad..... xD
OMG I love it.. I am a sucker for cliff hangers... I hope you finish it :D
argh!!!!!!!!! cliffy!!!!!!!!!!! i really liked the story so far though. keep it up!