Control Freak ✔️

Control Freak ✔️

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Jalen Williams By jalenisms Completed

He actually gets the girl in this story. His perfect girl, from a perfect world. She makes him forget the troubles of his broken life. 

Caleb didn't think he had much before he met his perfect girl Ivy. He had a father who was too busy running a company to bother with him, and a stepmom who Caleb was pretty sure wanted him killed. He couldn't bear to look at his mother as she was slowly dying of cancer, so he immersed himself in games- and only games. That is, until Ivy came along. And Ivy had a quite different game to play. Caleb knew she was everything he could ever want in a girlfriend. She was sexy, witty, and sweet. But there was that one thing about her that he knew he'd never live to ignore: This girl's got the eyes of the Devil. 

The girl of his dreams is just not what she seems.

Control Freak is a YA Suspense/Thriller that dares to explore your wildest fantasies.  The gamer gets the girl. The girl gets the fairy tale. The fairy tale gets a crazy, bloody makeover.

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