Testing Amy.

Testing Amy.

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Aziza_Ali By Aziza_Ali Updated Mar 10, 2012

I believe that the unattainable and completely false ideas that we, as women, dream up about love today in our society are all to blame on Disney princesses. 

Meet Amy Hollis, your average bitter mopey, everything in my life sucks teenager.  

After a typical teenage party filled with heavy drinking and scandolous hook ups, Amy finds herself, not only with about 13 hours worth of missing memory,  but also in bed lying next to none other than Jess Abrams, the school Manwhore. 

Now Amy's flawless reputation poofs right before her very eyes. 

And as if her life wasn't insane enough, throw in her family.

Her prone to violence, insanely pregnant mother.

Her mousy workaholic dad. 

Her band geek sister. 

A stripper. 

And amazingly her sister's stupid dog. 

It's miracle that this little red head hasn't been committed yet.

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