Destined Faith

Destined Faith

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Miz Comfortlicious By ComfortOluyemisi Updated Jun 17, 2012

''Why are you following me?''
''what do you want?''
''how did you get into my dream?''
I shifted my attention to him and straight away i knew all the answers to my own questions. It's like i knew deep down, somewhere in my heart what I'm becoming. I remembered running away from the sun, how week i felt. Feeling like i might explode if i don't get into somewhere cooler and darker.

Lyrica Evans had a dream on the day of her 17th birthday.  Things were normal at school the next morning but she knows she's different ever since that dream. She's always seeing the man in her dreams on the corridors and hallways of her school.

She's looking for answers to the questions and when she finds them, Is she ready to let her family go and go into a world where nothing is at it seems and danger seems to always find her. Wherever there's Lyrica..... there's danger.

Things are about to get tough, dark and dangerous.
Are you ready to face and battle ancient evil like never before?

P.S, I Do Not Own The Picture of this book

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Lalaura Lalaura Mar 13, 2012
it sounds really good so far comfort 
                              can't wait for you to upload more :P