Desperately Hopeful | Grethan

Desperately Hopeful | Grethan

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purple bike faceass By grethancunt Updated Jul 21

One timid girl with a huge crush on one of the most beloved guys in school, even with her own reputation being completely opposite. Seems like every average love story, right? There's just one catch: 'she' is actually a 'he'.

When Grayson's attention is turned to Ethan, will Ethan get what he's always wanted, or will he still remain desperately hopeful?

Disclaimer: this story is set in an alternate universe where Ethan and Grayson are not related whatsoever.

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I sing in my room with no one in here but yet my brother always has a video of me singing my ass off😭😭😭😂😂😂
I'm shite at singing but I love it. Whenever I'm home alone and dogsitting I always perform for the dogs and it makes them wag their little tails awh
I have had a crush on this guy since 6th's now 10th grade and I'm still going strong.
Good for you Ethan.
                              My crush called me Bree instead of Brooke. 
                              Also, whenever he was handing out graded papers to everyone, he gave me another person named Brooke's paper instead of mine.....
                              My ship is tragic and sinking
that's my last name!!! haha and i'm in choir!! wowowowowow i'll pretend that's me
This is Gospel for the fallen one's locked away in permanent slumber...