The Popular Jerk and Me

The Popular Jerk and Me

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"True love will always find its way back."

We all have that one guy we don't like or we probably hate even though we know that he's attractive and charming. And so does Lily Christova.

Lily hates all the popular kids in their school. Especially Matt Austin, the king of popularity. She was forced to be his pet-girlfriend because of the stupid custom he does every year.

Will the hate she has for him turns into something else? Perhaps, something like we call 'love'? Or will she hate him until the end and fall in love with someone else?

What will happen if she finds out something she couldn't even imagine?

Senior year came, and it changed everything... back?

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Who else instantly thinks of a certain satyr gym teacher who married a wind nymph and had a kid named Chuck?
Candi_ed Candi_ed Oct 21, 2017
For some reason this whole "girlfriend forcing" thing sounds illegal.....
jl983421 jl983421 Sep 27, 2017
What do you mean gay?! Is that supposed to be an insult because it's not and it's not funny either. We're in the 21st century stop using and seeing it as an Insult
I can just imagine them strutting in an extremely girly way with smirks and suddenly stop to pose and snap then say "WORRKKKK!" like from Hamilton XD
Insecure_Baby Insecure_Baby Dec 07, 2017
Bish!!! Whet!! I Dare U to touch as a matter of fact play wit it...
                              *pulls out pistol*
Oh, babe, just you wait ;) The Catwalk Kids shall return lel