Cinderella Can Sing?

Cinderella Can Sing?

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Yummypizza79 By Yummypizza79 Updated Feb 27, 2014

Singing is the only thing that will always stuck in my mind

Singing is the only thing that makes me felt alive

Singing is the only thing-well you know what i meant

All i ever want to do is be a singer or just singing around at some place

Well that's to bad cuz if your living in a huge house with a horible step mother and a step sister who can barely sing a proper key to every note and make you do the every chores in the house-well lets keep it simple like they always say-You aint going no where missy.

My mom died when i was only 6 and i blame my self for my mother's death and
well you guys are probaly wondering why isn't my dad there to help me.well he is a very busy man that work in a music industry 

My dad is a producer he always been a very busy man he dosent even have time to spend time with me

Even tough i really like to sing my dad dosent know that he always think that i only like to play the guitar 

but all of that changes when........

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mizndy mizndy Nov 09, 2017
Who said it's boring just write how ur heart desires and ur story will anxious to know her story and it seems that u are the only one who can make her life worth the living I have faith y won't u remember write like u will never write again
Forever_A_Mad_Hatter Forever_A_Mad_Hatter Dec 28, 2017
Katie3053 Katie3053 Dec 29, 2013
I like the content I really do but please go through and check spellings etc. :) Other than spelling and a bit of text talk i think it's amazing! I can't wait for more.