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Phoenix Rosalie Dawkins By phoenix_rosalie Updated Dec 15, 2011

Mortals often dream of being Gods and Goddesses. They are beautiful, have all they desire, worshipped and can play tricks with mortals for fun. But what if a God desires something he cannot have? What would happen if a Goddess wished for death? 

Most of her life Persephone was raised as a mortal girl, living on Earth in meadows and forests with woodland nymphs. Kept away from Mount Olympus by her mother, to save her from the problems that often arise between the Gods and Goddesses there, jealousy, betrayal, lust... Love. 
But her little experience with Gods leaves her vulnerable to one of the most feared Gods, Hades. 

Just how many troubles and heartache can one Goddess endure in an eternity?

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goodgirl223 goodgirl223 Feb 14, 2017
That's disgusting, i just went on google and i found out that Hades is Zeus brother and in the actual myth i think it's a myth, he deflowered her and took her innocence so that means that he basically had sex with his niece.
ilikebooks79 ilikebooks79 Apr 21, 2016
I have been looking for a book that's about Persephone and Hades 🙌
JeanineCroft JeanineCroft Dec 19, 2015
The story of Hades and Persephone is my all time favorite! Right up there with beauty and the beast! I hope you do it justice! ;) I will read on...
asgardx asgardx Oct 26, 2015
I like him. Strait to the point, don't take nothing from nobody, and also (in a evil way) a gentlemen. Good job Hades. You go girl! *cough* *cough* I mean guy........
asgardx asgardx Oct 26, 2015
Oooooo this got..... Weird. In a strangely delightful way............
asgardx asgardx Oct 26, 2015
How do you pronounce these names!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #whitegirlproblems