(DISCONTINUED)The Wheelchair Girl

(DISCONTINUED)The Wheelchair Girl

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M. By SpanishBish Updated Nov 25, 2017

" It doesn't mean cause I'm in a wheelchair I can't try and walk or do other stuff. People label others as something when they don't even know them. When they labeled you as the none caring dude I knew you weren't like that. You care and love. Like other people. "

" If you don't know yourself all you have to do is explore yourself and your abilities. I found whom am I ... I 'm the girl in the wheelchair."


Elora Lilith Quinn has been your unusual girl. Shy and bullied for her incapacity. She's the strongest girl you'll see and you'll want to spend time with her even more. But when people started labeling her as " The girl in the wheelchair. " She felt insecure and not important. Labeling others is not her thing. She got in a wheelchair when her parents had a car accident and her knees broke by the sudden burst of the car crashing and her flying out of the windshield. Her parents died that day but she survived with practically no legs.

She got her knees prosthesis. She can do anything but she feels comfortable in her wheelchair. It's like her whole life is in that chair. But all her life changes of being comfortable in a chair to be forced to do stuff by no other than ... Zane Cornelius.

Zane Cornelius was labeled all his life as the bad boy or the jerk who gives no shit. He never gotten the chance to prove himself better. All people had labeled him as the " Bad Boy " or " The jerk who gives no shits. "

Except one day he really got the chance to prove himself to ... Elora.