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Sorrel Ann Nations By imaginationNationX Updated Feb 16

The Numbers Series

(A Dystopian Society)  Highest ranking: #1 in Adventure 1/29/17; 2/14/17; 2/15/17
"Wonderful," I answered. "It's different."

"Different." He let the word play on his lips. It was a word I had read out of one of my books. He didn't fully understand what it meant, and neither did I, but you could feel the power behind it.
  Pronounced: Four-Five-Two-Two

How do you patrol down a hall one by one?That doesn't really make sense
Small thing, but that's tactful writing. Instead of saying that's she's thirteen, you said she "had been moved in with the teens at the age of ten, three years earlier". I love that!
gmhodges7 gmhodges7 6 days ago
Just finished the chapter it took me that long lol but it was wonderful
Horizon_killme Horizon_killme 5 days ago
the teacher is kinda right,  everyone needs to understand, 4522 was a little mean but she should be her own person.
FABbrooke FABbrooke Feb 06
Are you serious I would be killed every class period at my school