At the Sign of Trouble

At the Sign of Trouble

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invertedsiko By invertedsiko Updated May 04, 2013

Feeling like she was losing herself (and her mind) all that Kyla Mendez, an aspiring pastry chef, wanted was to get away from everything and everyone familiar. And so regardless of her parents’ disapproval she packed her bags with her (insufficient) savings and boarded a plane heading anywhere. Now, stuck in a new city with no money to her name and no one to turn to, she needed to have a contingency plan. But how do you pick-up the pieces of your life after leaving all that you had behind?

Henry Jacob had just been given the chance to prove he could handle bigger responsibilities now that he’s 27. But things are looking a little bleak. He was on a tight budget to start his own business and the property he inherited from his grandmother was an old three-story bodega stuck in the corner street where people from near houses dump their trash to be picked up by the garbage collector. It was stinky, small and well---old, but it has potential. It has to or he’ll be stuck with a useless piece of property only good for garbage disposal.

These two are caught in an odd predicament as they find themselves shacked up in the same house working together to revive an old coffee house called 'Galiana's' back to its former glory. They need each other to succeed (not that either, stubborn as they are, would admit to it) but can they handle living and working  together closely when he's hell-bent on having things done his way and she runs away at the first sign of trouble?

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