[✔] You're Mine ✽ Park Jihoon

[✔] You're Mine ✽ Park Jihoon

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[BOOK 1] Does it make any sense? Kim Hanna have her boyfriend already, Bae Jinyoung and she also having a crush, Park Jihoon.

She didn't know what just happened to her. Maybe because of Bae Jinyoung's attitude that made her like this?

Her ex-boyfriend, Lai Guanlin who always by her side even though they are not together anymore. Lai Guanlin still love her?

At the end of the story, will Hanna stay with Jinyoung or break up with him and Hanna will having a special realtionship with Jihoon or go back with Guanlin?

Start: 170423 ×
Rewriting: 170904b
End: 180104

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