Pulling down his long sleeves...(Larry Stylinson

Pulling down his long sleeves...(Larry Stylinson

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ConcreteWarrior By ConcreteWarrior Updated Jul 05, 2017

What would you do when your best friends comes to you saying he wants to die?...

Louis and Harry...Harry and Louis...Best friends since kindergarten. The boys are inseparable! They're friends, neighbors, partners in crime...No secrets are kept from each other, at least that's what Harry thought. Louis is acting different around Harry lately. At first Harry ignored it but when Louis breaks down, he can't. Louis is depressed, Harry wants to know why. He wants to know why and how. Harry doesnt know what's wrong with his friend, he doesnt know how to deal with it, he doesnt know what to do..;

Will Harry be able to help Louis. Will Louis be strong enough or will he...Let go?

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  • depressed
  • hate
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  • love
  • pain
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  • self-harm
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evilAF evilAF Apr 02, 2017
On that could've saved him part is when I know he probably dies
Potatoecarrots Potatoecarrots Nov 27, 2017
I love Drama! But not to much drama,I mean I read a fanfiction were Louis died😭
notdeadX notdeadX Nov 02, 2016
You write so beautiful !♡ ...The inside of your mind must be a terrible place.
DylanStylinson DylanStylinson Mar 06, 2015
When I read the description I started to cry. Because right now my best friend is trying to kill herself and I don't know what to do. I'm helping her the best that I can but she's getting tired, and I can't lose her.
larryhunter larryhunter Jan 20, 2014
this is bad..really bad!!¨
                              because i don`t wanna cry:(...but i know i am going to!..
                              and i hope you are happy with yourself...when everybody around you is crying!!!...
                              just to let you know.....i love this story!!!!!..but i still don`t like crying!..xx
JaquiLaLoca JaquiLaLoca Dec 18, 2013
Two posts, and I'm already in love with this story.
                              I'm here to support you:D