Short sex stories >:)

Short sex stories >:)

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sarahhartric By sarahhartric Updated Dec 18, 2013

Hi I'm doing some random sex stories, with no real story line for all those people that like to read porn. I know sometimes people are like: " oh my fuck, stop with this useless dialogue and start fucking each other already!!!!!!!!"

So I'm going to satisfy your needs, with some real detailed sex. don't judge me, you haven't been through what I've been through and if you really want something to do with your life, don't hate on me and my books, just move on and live on. that's all I have to say, except for this:

Please comment on some ideas so I can update :)

(Turn the page...)

Much better than I expected! I've never read a smut as good as this...
supergirl1311 supergirl1311 Mar 08, 2016
Hammonds09 you know I get a notification every time you comment on something right
MoniiJefferson MoniiJefferson Dec 30, 2016
You nasty 😂😂😂😂 freak btc...u wild they eating ass 💀💀💀
AliFord AliFord Nov 14, 2016
A bit boring and predictable to be honest , not enough detail and the story was like that of a youngster . You need to slow down and not get carried away while writing as mistakes can happen and have . Good luck with your writing in the future .
BobJungman BobJungman Jul 26, 2016
I know this is old info, but I just found it.
                              I get so excited to read about the very explicated details of others sex.
                              I'd love to read a whole lot more of your work.
                              Thanks for sharing.
                              Bob California
iliekbread111 iliekbread111 Dec 16, 2016
Oh god what am I doing, where is the holy water? I have to go to the church now, and get smack by a bible across the face.