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Caitlyn Coker By CaitlynRachelC Completed

Not everything that has been hurt is broken ~ 
Jessie Steele is on the run from something. She had no idea from who or what, but she knows that there is someone on her heels, just waiting for the chance to take her captive. She has nothing but a broken leg and a head injury to tell her how she ended up in one of the most rural places in Arizona, face down in the dirt without a horse or buggy in sight. She has no recollection of what she was doing so far away form her home in South Carolina, but then again, she can’t even remember what she was thinking five minutes ago. Between her pounding head and the searing pain in her leg, she has no idea how to make it to a safe place. 

Colt Kidd is recovering from the recent nuptials of the love of his life. Enveloping himself in his work and caring for his adventurous grandmother takes up most of his time until the small line shack he calls home houses a party of three. As if finding a strange, disoriented  woman out in the middle of nowhere without as much as a horse in sight wasn’t stressful enough, she will have to stay with him and his grandmother until her broken leg heals. Even worse, the woman can’t seem to remember anything that happened in the past week. 

Sometimes trusting God for the outcome of a situation isn’t easy, but it’s possible with the healing power of love.

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  • christian
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Mayrelin13 Mayrelin13 Apr 08, 2016
yoo I read the last two chapters of the last book thinking that I would need it to understand this one.. when look! lol
blondieblu blondieblu Mar 29, 2014
he he..can't u have any other series' and are you gonna have any more in this one??I think you should...
Gummball32 Gummball32 Mar 24, 2014
Oh, Poor Colt! That is so sad...
                              I can't wait to read more...even if I am cheating and reading the sequel before the first it'll be a'ight! 
                              Love ya, Caity!
_FreeIndeed _FreeIndeed Dec 20, 2013
Oh I don't like reliving Colt's rejection but it sure is necessary!
LinzyKate LinzyKate Dec 18, 2013
I know its the same almost...but still awesome! I loved at how the end he was so closed off and stated he would never love again. Can't wait to see him change and open up! Can't wait for Chapter 1! :D
cokernutmom cokernutmom Dec 18, 2013
ooooohhh, the excitement of starting a new book!!! Can't wait!