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Teach Me

Teach Me

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Kylie By kyliepotter Completed

Alana has always been out of place among the crowd of students at her school. While the girls all gossip about boys and clothes and other unnecessary topics, she's had a fascination of her own. Mr. Brown, the twelfth grade Algebra teacher that has captivated Alana beyond words. She dreams about him, she stares at him, she fantasizes about him... but most important of all, she loves him. She tries to get an A in his class, just because she wants him to feel proud of her, but she is just unable to learn anything that he teaches. So Mr. Brown offers to tutor her. Alana is shocked and thrilled all at the same time, but she's incredibly nervous. How will he act when they're alone? Will he find out about her obsession over him? And if he does find out... will he return those feelings?

idhdbdisoid idhdbdisoid Nov 21, 2016
I'm reading these comments and all I'm thinking is, "sooooo, no one thinks the surprise is just a cookie? I would sure love me a damn cookie!!!"
AntiButterfly AntiButterfly Oct 14, 2016
These comments made it funnier cause I would've told him to pull over and let me out
Alien 👽 language that's what math is to me and only aliens understand it
KDsanti KDsanti Jan 26
Smh At least she's not so obsessed she would have pictures of him sleeping on her wall😐
AntiButterfly AntiButterfly Oct 14, 2016
I get he fine and all but um how about focusing on who paying