Detachment from a Dierld

Detachment from a Dierld

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A world where two people are different, well not exactly. Pandora, the wierd, bad girl combined with a nerd is sent off to space at the age of sixteen. SIXTEEN! But she doesn't go alone, that's when you meet Peter, another sixteen year old who happens to be somewhat related to her, it's complicated. Read this book if you want to know the true meaning of the title, make sure to comment so I can improve my writing skill. Well what are you waiting for, go an read the book!


My whole family knew I was one of the astronauts, but none of them bothered to tell me.  This is why I should watch the news more. Well it's too late anyway. 

I kissed and he kissed and even though I was tempted to do more, I left it there. 

I heard a whistle and a shock at my wrist while that girl pulled me off. Her face was red, and she started to yell at Keith while he was yelling back. 

Then my arm was shocked with even more force. Enough force to send me to the ground. These two people- a man and a woman- came and picked me and Keith up.

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KingJay239 KingJay239 Apr 05
Heyyyy. I think your writing is really sophisticated and specific. You really grab the reader's attention, a little more practice and you can be a top notch writer.