Agents and the Phoenix Secret

Agents and the Phoenix Secret

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Silv ☇ By SilverPetals97 Updated Jan 14

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime starring Aphmau, NetNobody/Sky, Ross, Barney, Shubble, Mithzan, NewScapePro and the Mystreet gang! 

In this story, the Sky Army poses as secret agents working for the IAEA, or the International Anti-Evil Agency, to stop the evil Shadow Lord and his minions.

However, in order to do that, they'll be enrolled into Phoenix Drop High and go undercover, having romance, randomness and adventures along the way!

Hope you'll enjoy this story! 💜

Highest Rank: #897 in Fanfiction (8/1/17)

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hinton8 hinton8 3 days ago
Hey Max Are You A  Mad Max? Or A Sad Max? Or A Glad Max? Max Will You Chop That Tree Down With Your Axe Max?
ArunaPersaud ArunaPersaud Dec 16, 2017
DOWN GIRL, also didn't win kinda give you a potion and slap you and break your heart
OncillaKitten OncillaKitten Apr 23, 2017
Wasn't there some name for the group with Cory, Simon, Tank and Gertrude in Bully? I forgot what it was but I think they were called something..
hinton8 hinton8 Jul 20, 2017
If It Was International Kick-Evil Agency It Would Be
                              I.K.E.A XD
BrokenSoul05 BrokenSoul05 Nov 25, 2017
Whhhhy are there so many crushes.........also
                              EIN MUST DIIIIEEEE
Indigogaming Indigogaming Aug 08, 2017
For some reason, solsige, I know thats not how u spell it XD