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The Art of Lying (BWWM)

The Art of Lying (BWWM)

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TaintedExcuse By TaintedExcuse Completed

"Tyra, if you walk out the door."

I turned around on my heels now irritated passed a point. "What Dylan? Or should I call you Jax? Or what should I even call you? Ever since we got here everything has been a lie, everything you told me, presented to me."

I throw the clothes down on the floor and walked over to him. 
"You told me you came from a poor house, you were the only child, and you hadn't lived around money at all. But look at you." I shook my head and laughed. "Everything was a lie.".......

tha_bvstard tha_bvstard Jan 19
Fûck up #2 . Boy Dylan I'm not even half way into the story and yuh about to have three strikes
ElektraBlu ElektraBlu Jan 20, 2016
I would question him so much more and would not leave him alone until I got a valid reason