Beauty in Disguise #wattys2018

Beauty in Disguise #wattys2018

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C By CPearl89 Updated Jan 22, 2018

"Who are you?" the guy asked.

"Why don't you look a littler closer?" I asked and his eyes immediately widened.

"You are H-huntress, the a-assassin," he stuttered in complete fear.


Dylan Mae Jennings is far from an ordinary girl. Ever since her parents died, she was shipped off to live her with rich aunt, uncle, and their perfect daughter where she is an outsider. After completing her third year of college majoring in Criminal Justice and Investigation, she is recruited to become an assassin in The Organization of Spies and Assassins. She never wanted to work for them, but she saw this as a way to help serve justice. Now she is known as Huntress, one of the top assassins along with her partner Falcon, also known as Jase Stone.

Her next mission will be her biggest one yet, go undercover as a biker in the Kingsford Biker's Crew, gather information, and then terminate the Chief's son. Dylan sees this as an easy mission, but when feelings start to emerge for the Chief's son Will, things get a lot harder. The number 1 rule in the Organization is to never get attached to your target...and she just broke that rule. 

"I wouldn't call myself heartless or consider myself as the antagonist, I am just misunderstood." -Dylan Jennings
This is the spin-off to Endless Fighting and takes place two years before Max begins her story. You do not need to read Endless Fighting to read Beauty in Disguise. I hope you guys give this one a try!