Destined Choice ✔

Destined Choice ✔

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Jamie has lived in Australia his whole life. He decided to pursue his higher studies in India with the intention of changing his pace in life, the one he lead in Australia before.

As expected, India indeed had something in store for him. It began when he encounters a girl name Ayu. It doesn't take time for the two of them to develop an undeniable attraction which only seems to get worse with time. But both already have enough in their plate to deal with. Like how Jamie ignores a promise he made to another girl a while ago.
Despite that, was it possible that what Jamie and Ayu felt was only lust and nothing more? Only time will tell.

"Falling in love is by destiny, staying in love is by choice."

(WARNING- This story contains some steamy scenes but nothing too vulgar. Contains swearing. PS- I had written this story way before others so my English is not the best here. If you don't mind my mistakes then go ahead ;) Thank you for giving this story a chance.)

Highest rank- Romance #121

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achudasama1 achudasama1 Jun 11, 2017
I knew it was going to sad.  Poor man!  No wonder he wanted company!
achudasama1 achudasama1 Jun 11, 2017
It is really sweet to preface it.  I will definitely read on, at least two more chapters because you deserve it after guessing and for wanting me to read this book.
                              Whenever, you decide to re-write, I will read it too.
achudasama1 achudasama1 Jun 11, 2017
That is a good blessing from someone who has experienced true love.  However, I feel it might be a sign of things to come...
Digby777 Digby777 Feb 11, 2016
i hve a doubt young Lad means young lady..
                              must say u LOVE Kangaroos means Australia
riya2711 riya2711 Feb 24, 2015
story is perfect jaan don't change it and ya keep this in epilogue  as Jamie remember and feel satisfied looking at Ayu
- - Feb 24, 2015
Looks like wattpad is fulfilling my wish of voting this book a hundred times.. coz its always eating up my votes lol